In 2014 and 2015, I've launched three products that have finished #1 on Product Hunt.

As far as I know, nobody else has accomplished this on the platform.

I'm hoping my stories are helpful for makers who are looking to release products. 


Product #1: Slack Chats


In December 2014, I discovered private Slack groups for writers, engineers, artists — and almost every interest group you could imagine. 

I always thought of Slack as an amazing enterprise product, and I never realized how many interest based Slack micro-communities like this existed. 

Slack did not currently offer discovery features for these groups, and I built a site called Slack Chats to help people join them. 



We built the site using Postatic and launched the site on Product Hunt within 24 hours of developing the idea. The site had upvote functionality, Twitter authentication, and a few other basic features. It wasn't perfect, but it caught the imagination of Slack users throughout the world. And that was the point. 

The original Product Hunt post was fascinating to read, as most people loved IRC but had never used Slack for this purpose. We finished #1 on the site by a long shot that day. 


We quickly became the "go to" destination for Slack users to access private groups. We have users in 30+ countries and our traffic continues to grow every week. The media has been fascinated with the site since our launch. We've been covered in publications like Pando Daily and Fast Company.

Pando Daily:  "Consumers Are Using Slack Beyond The Enterprise, Whether The Company Likes It Or Not"
Fast Company: "Slack With Friends, Lovers and Geeks: How The Hot Workplace App Is Getting Personal"


Product #2: Requests For Startups



Product #3: Startup Adoption Agency