Content and Copywriting for the iOS app that helps men in relationships.



As a content creator and copywriter, I am working with Ben Flajnik (founder and CEO) as he prepares to launch The Gentleman.

The Gentleman is a mobile app for busy men in relationships who struggle with the daily balance of work and relationship management. They have an invite-only community of men who rely on each others advice, which being part of something unique and fun.

I've helped Ben develop his push notification strategy and his brand voice. This has been an amazing opportunity to continue my copywriting background, while also thinking through ways to engage users and build a retention strategy. 


Consultation, Copywriting, Brand Stategy


iOS, Parse, Creativity and Wit :)

THE Gentleman - Brand Voice and Retention Strategy

The Challenge

The Gentleman requires content that is sticky enough to convince users to visit the mobile app on a daily basis. We want the content to be informative, entertaining, and actionable. 

The team created an initial monetization that involves creative things to purchase for your girlfriend (like Soulcycle classes or flowers). We need the content to feel natural enough to convince men to purchase these items.

To accomplish this, we need men to understand that we're on their team and are trying to be helpful, and hopefully make them laugh in the process too. 

The Process 

Day 1:  Ben Flajnik and I met at Rapha Cycle Club in San Francisco (an amazing coffee shop if you're ever in town) and discussed the content strategy for The Gentleman. 

Plain and simple: how could we create content that people loved to read?

This was a different type of product challenge for me. There were no whiteboard sessions or product debates. We started to talk through our own personal challenges in relationships and decided to create content that was:

Daily: Our content needed to become a daily habit for men in relationships. We would rely on push notifications to drive men to content that offered date ideas, relationship advice, and clever messages to send to their partners.

Here is an example of a push notification that members of The Gentleman receive when we have new content to explore:

Actionable: We believed that men would be willing to purchase items through our app if we made the suggestions creative and funny. When appropriate, we could deeplink to these items through URX, a platform that allows you to intelligently link applications together. 

Our users can also send our text message suggestions directly to their partner by clicking "Send-It" - a really interesting product idea which limits the amount of work for men to share our ideas with partner. 

Here is an example of a message:


The Gentleman is still in private beta and is set to be released soon. Our retention strategy is working, as the majority of our users are opening the app everyday and engaging with the content.

We are testing push notification delivery times, localization, and targeting based on relationship status - all unique challenges which have forced us to focus on building a scalable content strategy.

On a personal note, this has been an amazing opportunity to focus on copywriting and content strategy. This has always been a passion for me and I'm excited to work with more clients who need similar help.