Y-Combinator Graduates Building the World's Most Powerful Content Distribution Platform


Front End Developers & Growth Engineer at the Y-Combinator company (Spring 2014). As a consultant, I worked on both the marketing and engineering teams, and build products that helped grow their publisher network. 


Wireframes, A/B Testing, Front-End and Back-End Development


Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Github, Unbounce

The Challenge

Buzzstarter is a platform that connects major brands and startups with a massive blogger network. Their currency as a platform is dependent on onboarding a diverse group of bloggers. 

After a major re-design on their publisher sign up page, their conversation rates dipped dramatically and they needed this metric to improve. 

Ian Hunter (CTO) and Kenzi Wang (CEO) hired me to establish a strategy for A/B testing their publisher sign-up page, and they needed me to execute with a very fast turnaround. 

The Process

Initially, the plan was to make changes to the pre-existing publisher sign up page. As a front-end engineer, I worked to improve that page by streamlining the sign-up flow and removing the number of fields that we required for sign ups. 

The process took about a week and we were only able to run one test, which was successful. The resulting page looked like this:


We improved the conversion rate from 14.2% to 31.5% and created a framework for future A/b Testing.

I am obviously very happy that we improved the signup conversion, but I'm most excited that we set up a simple framework for future A/B tests.

I connected their database to Unbounce to run future A/B tests without requiring developers to hand code changes.  This means Buzzstarter can now run quick tests that anybody can implement - with no technical help required. 

We knew that future tests needed to happen much faster. This was not an efficient use of our time or money - and the marketing team could not fully participate in these tests.

That is pretty powerful moment for any team - whenever everyone feels empowered to run tests and impacting the product becomes accessible to everyone within the organization.